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These standard sailing instructions shall apply to all events, organized by the club throughout the year. They will be supplemented by additional sailing instructions for each event (SUPPLEMENT), posted on the Official notice board.
Ø The notation [DP] in a rule in the SI means that the penalty for a breach of that rule may be less than disqualification at the discretion of the Protests Committee..
Ø The notation [NP] in a rule in the SI means that infringement of this rule shall not be protested by boats.
1.1.   These Sailing Instructions are valid from 01 / 02 / 2019 until 31 / 12 / 2019
The organizing authority of the races is Göcek Yacht Club (GYC).
The Race Office will be set at: Kumburnu Mevkii Göcek 48310, Muğla - TURKEY
Phone: +90 252645 15 49     FAX: +90 252 645 15 49        GSM: +90 530 775 56 86
E-mail: info@gocekyachtclub.org      Web Page: www.gocekyachtclub.org
3.     RULES
3.1.   The “Rules” as defined in Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the World Sailing 2017-2020
3.2.   The World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2019 The category of the races is as stated as the SUPPLEMENT.
3.3.   The current World Sailing Regulation 20 (Advertising Code).
3.4.   RC Rules 2019, Parts A, B, C.
3.5.   The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) will prevail over the RRS from sunset to sunrise. The times of sunset and sunrise will be stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
3.6.   The current Turkish Sailing Federation (TSF) Racing Instructions and other valid prescriptions. These prescriptions shall not apply to foreign competitors. www.tyf.org.tr
3.7.   The Notice of Race, The current GYC Standard Sailing Instructions and their amendments.
3.8.   If there is a conflict between the rules above, the Sailing Instructions and its amendments will be valid according to their date. This changes RRS 63.7.
3.9.   The official language shall be as stated in the SUPPLEMENT. If there is a conflict between texts, the official language text shall take precedence.
4.1.   Notices to competitors and race results with date and time will be posted on the Official Notice Board located in front of the Race Office.
4.2.   All these notices shall be an official announcement to competitors. It is the competitors’ own responsibility to check the Official Notice Board regularly. Failure of displaying the flag “L” shall not be grounds for a request for redress.
5.1.   Any changes to the Sailing Instructions and/or SUPPLEMENTS will be posted on the official Notice Board at least two hours before the first scheduled warning signal of the day and will not be delivered to each boat individually (This changes RRS Rule 25.1).
5.2.   Any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2000 (hrs) on the day before it will take effect.
5.3.   Oral changes may be made only on the water [see RRS 90.2(c)]. The Race Committee will announced the relevant changes before the warning signals by VHF Ch. 71 Failure to hear these changes shall not be grounds for request for redress.
6.1.   Signals ashore will be displayed on the Race Committee Vessel while she is in the Marina, otherwise there will be no signals made ashore.
6.2.   The berthing place of the Committee Vessel will be the stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
6.3.   If flag AP is displayed on the Committee Vessel in the marina, the warning signal of the first division(s) will be made not less than 30 minutes after the AP is removed. This changes Race Signal AP.
7.1.   GYC 2019 Race Program is as below:
7.1.a.March 08h – 10th, 2019               2nd .WOMEN'S DAY CUP
7.1.b.May13th - 17thth, 2019               20th .GÖCEK RACE WEEK - YOUTH and SPORTS CUP
7.1.c.October, 17th - 20thth, 2019      4th . RIXOS SAILING CUP
7.1.d.Nov 04th – 08th, 2019                   17th . GÖCEK AUTUMN RACE WEEK – ATATÜRK CUP
7.2.   GYC may also organise other races.
7.3.   SCHEDULE OF RACES Asstated in the SUPPLEMENT.
8.1.   Division composition and pennants will be posted on the official board after closing of registration. See details in the SUPLEMENT.
8.2.   All competing boats must display on both side of the hull the allocated numbers and stickers throughout the event.
8.3.   The Division pennant must be flown at the backstay of the boat. If the boat has no backstay, division pennant shall be displayed on the best visible place close to the boat stern.
8.4.   The sponsor flags shall be hoisted to spreaders or shrouds and stickers shall be placed on both sides of the hull.
8.5.   The locations of the flags/pennant and hull numbers are shown in the SUPLEMENT.
8.6.   TheProtest Committee may penalize boats that don’t carry their numbers, pennants, stickers, and sponsor flags.
8.7.   With the exception of division pennant and protest flag (when necessary), no other flags (including national flag) shall be flown on the backstay during any race.
8.8.   It is not mandatory to have national letters and/or numbers on the sails (This changes RRS 77).
9.     COURSES
9.1.   The courses, the order in which marks are to be passed and the side, on which each mark is to be left, are as shown on the course charts in the SUPLEMENT.
9.2.   RC Vessels, Marks and their locations will be approximately as shown on course charts.
9.3.   For all races, Race Committee will announce the course of the day by VHF Ch.71 and the appropriate code flag will be displayed on the Committee Vessel, before the warning signal. Failure to receive the announcement shall not be grounds for a request for redress.
9.4.   All boats shall avoid and sail clear of obstructions and shallow water areas.
9.5.   Change of courses, starting or finishing lines is at the discretion of the Race Committee and shall not be ground for a request for redress.
10.   MARKS (NP)
10.1.The marks shall be as described in the SUPPLEMENT.
10.2.Presence or absence of numbers and different shapes/colours of the marks shall not be grounds for request for redress.
11.   THE START (NP)
11.1.The time of the warning signal for the first start for each day shall be as stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
11.2.The starting line will be between a pole displaying an orange flag on the Race Committee Vessel and a buoy. The position of the RC vessel and the buoy will be as shown on the course charts.
11.3.Races shall be started as stated in the SUPLEMENT.
11.4.The sequence of the starts for all races will be posted on the Official notice board after closing of registration.
11.5.Before the warning signal for the first start for the day all boats shall sail close to the Race Committee Vessel for their division/hull (sticker) numbers to be recorded.
11.6.Until their warning signal the boats shall keep at least 100 m away from the starting line. Gross violation may be subject to protest by the Race Committee. [DP]
11.7.Boats starting later than five (05) minutes after their starting signal shall be scored Did Not Start (DNS) without a hearing. This changes RRS A4 and A5.
11.8.Toalert boats that a race or sequence of races will begin soon, postponement flag “AP” will be displayed with two sounds. The postponement flag will be displayed for at least four minutes before a warning signal is displayed.
11.9.Before the moment in which the preparatory signal is given, the boats must have their engines stopped. The boats, which violated this rule, may be penalized after being protested. [DP]
12.1.Individual Recall: The Race committee will attempt to broadcast the division number/hull (sticker) number of OCS boats on VHF Ch.71 Failure to make a broadcast or to time it accurately will not be grounds for a request for redress (This changes RRS 62.1(a)) The Race Committee’s announcements shall not be considered as outside help.
12.2.General Recall will also be announced on VHF Ch. 71
12.2.a.    The “First Substitute” flag will be removed as follows:
12.2.a.i.      When the recall concerns the divisions scheduled to start in any start but the last one - at the time of the preparatory signal for the following start”.(This changes RRS 29.2);
12.2.a.ii.     When the recall concerns the divisions scheduled to start in the last start – a few minutes after it is displayed.
12.2.a.iii.    The starting procedure for a recalled start will begin after all scheduled starting procedures (and those of earlier recalled starts, if any).
12.2.b.    The warning signal for the renewed starting procedure will be displayed as follows:
12.2.b.i.      When the recalled divisions were scheduled to start in the first, second, third up to the last but one starts including - at the time of the preceding starting signal.
12.2.b.ii.     When the recall concerns the divisions scheduled to start in the last start - one minute after the removal of the “First Substitute” flag.
12.3.Receiving or not the Race Committee announcements via radio shall not be grounds for a request for redress.
13.1.To change the next leg of the course, the Race Committee will lay a new mark (or move the finishing line) and remove the original mark as soon as practicable. When in a subsequent change a new mark is replaced, it will be replaced by an original mark.
13.2.Changes of the next leg of the course shall not be grounds for a request for redress. (This changes RRS 62.1)
14.1.The finishing line will be between a pole displaying an orange flag on the Committee vessel and a buoy. The positions of the Race Committee vessel and the buoy will be as shown on the course charts.
14.2.If the Race Committee signals a shorten course, the finishing line will be between a mark and a staff displaying code flag S on a Race Committee Vessel.
14.3.When the Race Committee vessel at the finishing line displays code flag “H” there will be a second race soon.
14.4.After finishing, the boats shall clear the finishing line and keep away from it. [DP]
15.1.A boat may take a Two-Turns Penalty when she may have broken RRS Part 2 while racing or a One–Turn Penalty when she may have broken RRS 31. After getting well clear of other boats as soon after the incident as possible, a boat takes a One–Turn or Two–Turn Penalty by promptly making the required number of turns in the same direction, each turn including one tack and one gybe (RRS 44.1 and 44.2). 
15.2.The Protest Committee reserves the right to either disqualify a boat or impose a Discretional Penalty [DP] on Elapsed Time in case of a breach of a rule.
15.3.After a hearing, a boat can be disqualified even if she has taken a penalty, when the Protest Committee decides, that by her breach the boat has caused injury or serious damage or gained a significant advantage in the race.
16.1.The time limits and course distances for the races are stated in the SUPPLEMENT and/or course charts.
16.2.When no boat finishes within the time limit, the race will be abandoned for this or these division(s) (RRS 35).
16.3.Boats, which have not finished within the time limit, will be scored Did Not Finish (DNF). This changes RRS 35, A4 and A5.
16.4.When the Race Committee is convinced that no boat will finish within the time limit for their divisions, theRace Committeereserves the right to extend the time limits before their expiration time. The Race Committee will inform all competitors via VHF Ch. 71 . This shall not be ground for a request for redress.
16.5.Shortening the course shall not affect the time limit for finishing.
17.1.A boat intending to protest shall inform the other boat/s at the first reasonable opportunity (as soon as possible) as follows:
17.1.a.    When the protest concerns an incident in the racing area that she is involved in or sees, she shall:
17.1.a.i.      Hail “PROTEST”;
17.1.a.ii.     Inform the protested boat/s by VHF Ch.71 (This changes RRS 61.1(a)),
17.1.a.iii.    Display conspicuously a protest (red) flag on the backstay. If the boat has no backstay, protest flag         shall be displayed on the best visible place at near the boat stern. The flag shall be displayed until she is no longer racing.
17.1.a.iv.   Inform the Race Committee on the finishing line by VHF Ch.71 about the identity of the boat to be protested and keep the protest flag displayed until it is confirmed by the Race Committee (This changes RRS 61.1(a)). It is not necessary to inform the Race Committee at the time of the incident.
17.1.b.    When protesting for any other reason, she shall inform the other boat/s immediately after coming ashore.
17.2.Boat that intends to protest but could not continue and finish the race, or retires shall inform the Race Committee finishing vessel by VHF Ch.71 as soon as possible (This changes RRS 61.1(a)).
17.3.Protest forms are available at the Race Office. Protests and Requests of Redress shall be delivered there within the protest time limit.
17.4.The protesttime limit is 30 minutes after the Committee Vessel docks at the Marina (This changes RRS 61.3 and RRS 62.2).
17.5.Notices will be posted within 15 minutes after the end of the protest time limit to inform competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witness. Protest hearings will be held in the Race Office.
17.6.Notices of protests by the Race Committee, Technical or Protest Committee will be posted within the protest time limit to inform boats under RRS 61.1(b).
17.7.A party to the hearing may ask for a reopening not later than the protest time limit, if it is informed of the decision on the previous day. On the last day of racing, the reopening time limit is 15 minutes after being informed of the decision (This changes RRS 66).
17.8.The fee for a protest and request for redress by a boat will be (Protests by the Race, Technical and Protest Committee are excluded) EUR200, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld or redress is granted or the protest/request for redress is withdrawn after a permission of the Protest Committee
17.9.Class rules (Measurement) Protests: Both parties shall deposit in the Race Office in advance all expenses, related to the measurement to be carried, such as measurer fees and/or renewed certificate fees. The successful party will be reimbursed. As weighing facilities are not available during the Race Week, no measurement protest shall be accepted apart from boat and sail measurement.
17.10.   All protests and requests for redress shall be written in official language, stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
17.11.   Parties shall bring their own interpreters to hearing. The responsibility for the correctness of the translation is their own.
18.1.a.    In all races, the ranking of a boat will be derived from her corrected time (ascending) after the penalties (if any)                 are applied.
18.1.b.    Each division will have a separate scoring.
18.1.c.    Scoring will be based on the number of accepted entries.
18.1.d.    RRS A4 Low Point system shall be applied.
18.1.e.    Discards: see the SUPLEMENT
18.1.f.     In case of a tie RRS A8 will be applied
18.2.Number of races: As stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
18.3.Prizes: As stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
19.1.Yachts retiring for any reason in any race shall report to the Race Committee as soon as possible.
19.2.When code flag “Y” is displayed ashore or before the warning signals all sailors shall wearing personal flotation devices. Persons under the age of 16 years shall wear personal floating devices all the time.
19.3.All yachts shall carry appropriate anchor and chain/rope during the races. However, between the first warning signal and the finish the anchors shall not be carried on the stem head and shall be stowed inside the chain locker or in a suitable place on board.
19.4.All boats are required to carry the safety equipment, required by the Offshore Special Regulations for the category of the race stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
19.5.In condition of a wind of more than twenty-five (25) knots speed or a risk on life and property safety, the Race Committee may not start the race or may shorten or abandon the race. This shall not be ground for a request for redress.
20.1.There is no obligation to submit a written declaration about finishing the race.
20.2.Boats that took One-Turn or Two-Turns Penalty, or retired from the race, shall sign declaration forms at the race office within the protest time limit. Failure to declare this will mean that the boat did not took penalty.
20.3.The boat that retires from the race shall notify the Race Committee by VHF Ch. 71 as soon as possible stating her division colour and number and sign a declaration form at the Race Office within the protest time limit. Failure to comply with this instruction may lead to penalty for the next race. [DP]
20.4.Any outside help or use of the engine for rescuing people, giving help or any other reasons shall be reported to the Race Committee in writing within the protest time limit, stating the reasons for such procedure and the times of starting and stopping the engine (if used). If a boat does not gain a significant advantage in the race, the Protest Committee may impose a penalty different from DSQ or not impose a penalty, at its discretion. [DP]
21.1.As stated in the SUPPLEMENT.
21.2.Any changes in the crew lists shall be reported to the Race Committee in writing at least one hour before the scheduled time of the warning signal. Having a non-registered crewmember on board is a ground for disqualification (DSQ).
21.3.Boat owner or skipper, declared in the Entry form, cannot race on another boat. If this happens, this is a ground for disqualification (DSQ) for both boats (owned and raced with) by the Protest Committee.
22.1.Substitution of damaged or lost equipment is not allowed unless approved by the Technical Committee. Requests for substitution shall be made to the committee in writing at the first reasonable opportunity.
22.2.No participating boat is allowed to have more than two main sails, the second to be substituted only in case of damage of the first one during the race. In such case the boat is required to inform the Technical Committee by VHF Ch. 71 to make a written statement as soon as they reach the shore and show their damaged main sail to the Technical Committee. Failing to do so may result in a penalty imposed by the Protest Committee.
22.3.The boats which have furling headsail credit in their rating certificate shall not use any other head sail (except storm and heavy weather jib).
22.4.The boats shall not use any pole (spinnaker, whisker or any other kind) if not declared to UNCL/RORC (for IRC Classes) or Race Office (for Charter and Freshman Classes).
23.1.Whenever necessary, measurements will be performed by a team provided by OA.
23.2.The boats may be inspected before or after any race even without a protest.
23.3.Every owner of a boat is responsible for keeping his boat in the condition in which she was measured. Whether protested or not, if during the control of a boat, the TCC value is found to be higher than the value in the certificate by a margin greater than allowed by the rules, the boat will be penalized by the Protest Committee.
24.1.The Race Committee Vessels will display “RC” flags. The absence of an RC flags shall not be grounds for a request for redress
24.2.Vessels used by press, photographers, film crews, VIPs etc. are not under the jurisdiction of the RC. Any action by these boats shall not be grounds for request for redress by boats. This changes RRS 60.1(b).
24.3.The Race Committee Vessels may use engines to keep their position at the starting and finishing lines because of the weather condition and/or technical reasons. This will not be ground for a request for redress.
25.1.Competitors shall not intentionally put trash in the water. This rule applies at all times while afloat (RRS 55).
25.2.Breach of this rule will result in protest by Race Committee [DP]
26.1.It is mandatory to have a VHF marine radio and to keep it tuned to Ch. 71 during the races.Receiptor not receipt of Race Committee announcements shall not be ground for a request for redress.
26.2.Except in an emergency, a boat that is racing shall not make voice transmissions and shall not receive voice transmissions that are not available to all boats. [DP]
27.1.The Sailing races can be dangerous. Competitors participate in the Race entirely at their own risk. SeeRRS 4 Decision to Race: “The responsibility for boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone.”
27.2.The Organizer of these races Göcek Yacht Club, its representatives, sponsors, the Race, Technical and Protest Committees are not responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, taking place directly or indirectly as a result of the races.
27.3.In particular, the owners of the boat and his/her crew should accept the following responsibilities:
27.3.a.   the responsibility for their crew (insurance included), for the seaworthiness of the boats, for safe navigation, decision to start and/or to continue to race. Owners, skippers or captains should instruct adequately their crews before the start of the race.
27.3.b.   They should declare that they accept all these responsibilities on their entry form. By signing her entry form, each boat accepts the above responsibilities
27.3.c.    The races will be governed by the rules listed in SI 3. By participating in a race conducted under these rules, each competitor and boat owner agrees to be governed by the rules, to accept the penalties imposed and other action taken under the rules, subject to the appeal and review procedures provided in them, as the final determination of any matter arising under the rules and with respect to such determination, not to resort to any court or other tribunal not provided by the rules.
01st February 2019 : 1300 (local time)
Göcek Yat Kulübü|Kumburnu Mevkii, İskele Caddesi 48310, Göcek - Muğla