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The IRC is developed from, and replaces, the Channel Handicap System rating rule, and is widely used
worldwide at a great variety of different levels, ranging from club and local series through such major events as Cork Week in Ireland and the King's Cup in Thailand. The Royal Ocean Racing Club would welcome furtherspread of the rule and will support and encourage clubs wishing to use it.

CONFIDENTIALITY - No built in obsolescence
The rule is jointly owned and administered by the RORC Rating Office in Lymington, UK, and Union National pour la Course au Large (UNCL) in Paris, these being the only two offices from which certificates are issued.
The rule algorithms are confidential to the two clubs, hence only two rating offices. This confidentiality of therule prevents designers designing yachts to the rule and effectively prevents rapid obsolescence. This feature is central to IRC and will be maintained into the future.

WORLDWIDE USE - Europe to the Far East
From Lymington, we support not only our own domestic fleet but fleets in Ireland, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malta and South Africa among others. In addition to the French fleet, UNCL handle fleets in Italy, Spain and elsewhere in the Mediterranean. When dealing with overseas yachts, we prefer to deal through a local representative which is often the secretariat of the local club or cruiser racer association. Our total fleet last year was 3025 boats, with another 2500 being rated by the French, some 5525 in total.

SELF MEASUREMENT - No expensive measurers
IRC permits and encourages owner declared measurement data. This will be maintained into the future,
although some clubs and areas have always insisted that locally they should measure boats. As in CHS, there is an ENDORSED" IRC. This requires that we should be satisfied as to the correctness of the rated data, generally by measurement by one of our RORC measurers. Race Committees may require endorsed certificates for some events. An IRC measurement manual is available on request to assist with local measurement if required.

ALL MONOHULL YACHTS CATERED FOR - Pilot cutters to Canting keel superyachts
IRC is capable of applying a rating to any monohull yacht. In this respect, IRC in some senses leads other rating rules in that such features as asymmetric spinnakers, carbon masts and water ballast have been permitted for several years. The rule is reviewed annually in light of new developments and past results. On this front we seek and actively welcome input and comment from the users.

SIMPLE AND CHEAP - Just fill in the form
IRC is simple and cheap for the owners. A rating application form is printed in the IRC yearbook and is
available on the web. An owner simply fills this in, writes his cheque or supplies credit card details for the
application fee and sends it to us. Certificates are returned within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the time of year. Certificates are valid from 1st January to 31st December (except in Australia & South Africa : 1st July to 30th June).

ANNUAL PUBLICATION - To keep you informed
The IRC yearbook is sent at the beginning of January each year to holders of certificates the previous year together with a rating revalidation form. Apart from the IRC rule, the yearbook provides help to owners applying for their certificates by way of diagrams and definitions, race management recommendations, useful names and addresses, articles from invited authors and much other relevant information.

VAST DATA BANK - We may know the answer already Many hundreds of different designs have now been rated under IRC. Basic data for all of these designs is readily available.

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