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Caner Akdolun Completed the Solo Türkiye Tour Record

02 December 2023

Sailor Caner Akdolun completed his solo tour of Turkey, starting from Hopa Port in Artvin on October 25.

Caner Akdolun, who attempted the record after Tolga Pamir, who broke the Solo Turkey Tour Record with 16 days, 16 hours, 27 minutes and 31 seconds for the first time in 2021, will start from Artvin - Hopa Port on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 15:28. had taken it.

Akdolun, who exceeded the distance of 1,500 nautical miles between Hopa Port and İskenderun Port, completed all gate passages respectively and completed the Single Person Turkey Tour Record by reaching İskenderun Port in 21 Days 17 Hours 04 Minutes.

Caner Akdolun, who was welcomed at the Iskenderun Port Fishing Shelter, was presented with the Turkey Tour Record Plaque by Iskenderun Youth and Sports District Director Ferit Ali Gündel.

We celebrate the effort, effort and courage of Caner Akdolun, who inspired the entire sailing community in offshore sailing with his Turkey Tour.

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